Rethinking the workforce of the future: Jobs NJ is intended to ensure training meets current needs

For Secretary of Higher Education Zakiya Smith Ellis, the Jobs NJ program introduced by Gov. Phil Murphy last week comes down to a simple sentence that can be so telling:

“No one goes to college thinking that they are not going to finish,” she told ROI-NJ. “But, too many of our students do not finish. We’ve got to do whatever we can to ensure that once they start, they finish. That will have a huge impact on workforce development and our economy.”

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2018 College Graduates: Latest Find A Job Resources

Are you graduating in the next few months from college? As a college graduate in the state of New Jersey, its a daunting task to figure out how to find a job in NJ. Here are some resources from for NJ job candidates fresh out of school that includes everything from your cover letter, CV / resume and networking to possibly starting our own business.

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Bad employees? Most managers admit making bad hires — Forever 39 Podcast

Let’s face it, we’ve all worked with someone that just wasn’t a good fit for the position they were hired for. And the plague of bad hires is a pretty big problem in the U.S. In a Robert Half survey released in March, 81 percent of small and midsize managers business owners said they’d made a bad hiring decision. And once the bad hire is made, it takes companies nearly 17 weeks to fix the mistake.

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