New Jersey Job Market ( was launched on February 15, 2005. Owned and operated by Cinnamon Entertainment Group LLC, it is the online employment job board career portal work site for New Jersey mid-career to senior executive level candidates who are interested in the top nj employers. It was also specifically created to deliver NJ hiring news, labor trends, career analysis and job openings for the state of New Jersey. is powered by Therefore each time you post a job on our site, your opportunity is posted on many sites throughout the YourMembership network. YourMembership is the leading provider of Internet job boards, currently powering over 1000 job boards for associations, publishers, newspapers, companies, as well as entrepreneurs. YourMembership is the technology provider of choice when it comes to recruitment and career

But more importantly, however, is a site that closely follows the labor market of New Jersey including the needs of both Job Seekers and Employers. New Jersey has a job board that is dedicated solely to our state – is member site of the Cinnamon Entertainment Group LLC network of sites including and

Q. Where did New Jersey Job Market
get the colors and the yellow bird

Liberty and Prosperity - New Jersey state flag

A. Liberty
& Prosperity” is New Jersey’s State Flag comprised of Jersey Blue and Buff (Yellow).

New Jersey’s State Bird is
the Eastern Goldfinch.

 Eastern Goldfinch - New Jersey state bird